May 4, 2016


The meeting was brought to order by board member Paul Ellis at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes of the April 6th meeting were on the tables for members to read.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Walt Wark and seconded by Tim Bradley.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Karen Ellis.  Karen has paid the insurance and real estate taxes for the year.  A discussion was held about Tom Dues and the mix up about his membership.  As it stands we are out $20.00 for uncollected fees.  A motion to accept the report was made by Tim and seconded by Walt.  The motion carried.

April 6, 2016

Fish Fund                             $  3,241.57

General Fund                           1,770.28

Checking Account              $  5,011.85


Membership Dues              $     240.00

Fishing Permits                   $     135.00

Fish Food Machine

Corral                                    $     528.00


Building Rental                   $       50.00

Donations                             $       65.00

Total Income:                     $  1,018.00


Colorado Natural Gas        $       98.97   March – April gas bill

IREA                                      $       91.38   March – April electric bill


Foothills Septic Pumping  $    300.00   Pump septic at Association Building

Alan Bowman                      $     140.00   April snow plowing

Bryan Murphy                     $        32.12   Septic tank heater

Paul Ellis                               $       75.99   Paint supplies for Association Building

Redeposit fee                       $       10.00   Thomas Dues – check #1108, $65 donation

Charge back fee                   $       10.00   Thomas Dues – check #1108, $65 donation

Check returned-NSF          $       65.00   Thomas Dues – check #1108, $65 donation

Total Expenses:                  $     823.46

May 4, 2016                                               2016 = 59 members, 47 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                             $  3,376.57

General Fund                           1,829.82

Checking Account               $  5,206.39

Activity Report was given by Dale Wark.  We were glad we canceled the wine tasting get together because of the snow storm.  We doubt we would have had a good turnout.  We discussed having the wine tasting with the summer BBQ on June 11th.  Tracie Schaefer will be available to discuss the wine and food pairings.  We also discussed having a 50/50 at the BBQ to raise much needed funds.  A decision will be made at the June meeting.  Motion to accept the report was made by Walt and seconded by Karen.  The motion carried.

Blog Report was given by Karen.  There were 398 hits, 3 new articles, 5 new pictures, and 1 new page.  The number of hits was higher than the past several months.  Motion to accept the report was made by Felix Beall and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Building Report was given by Felix.  The septic system is back in good working order.  There was discussion on updating outside electric for a septic tank heater and a yard hydrant for the corral.  Motion to accept the report was made by Al Cook and seconded by Mike Felix.  The motion carried.

Corral Report was a discussion about the green and white barrel mix up.  Four green barrels were used by the corral people to make feed troughs.  The green barrels are food grade and were used to float the dock.  Mike Felix is looking into getting four more green barrels.  The Burks have moved and are paying full rent for their three horses until their barn is done.

Pond Report was given by Al.  The fish food dispenser is now up.  The hatchery delivery is scheduled for early June.  The amount of fish is the same as last year.  There may be a need for dredging in the future.  Motion to accept the report was made by Mike and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Old Business.  The fire mitigation meeting is scheduled for May  7th.

New Business.  Shred-a-Thon hosted by Crow Hill Insurance is scheduled for June 11th.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mike and seconded by Walt at 8:21 p.m.  The motion carried.