Meeting was called to order by President Dan Colligan at 7:12 P.M.

Minutes of previous meeting was read by Ken Perdew who also gave the Treasurer’s report showing $4,967.16 in all funds.  Savings $663.02, Fishing $1,305.30, General $2,998.84.  Motion to accept these reports was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Kathy Pearson.  Motion carried.

Pond Report by Duane Thompson:  New fish will arrive a week from today.  He continues to work on the stream bed – water is slowing down.  All the dirt from the pond is gone.   He questioned whether a donation should be made to Alan Bauman for all his work with the dirt, but was told that Alan said that was his contribution to the Association.  Dick Coleman also helped with the dirt.  He needs help cleaning the bed of the creek.  Motion to accept this report was made by Tracie Schafer, seconded by Greg.

Corral Report by Meg Wood:  Thanks to Dick Coleman the dirt was spread on the pasture.  The pasture is overgrazed and needs to be seeded.  Roofing has been donated to finish the barn roof.  Motion to accept report was made by Greg, seconded by Kathy.

Activity Report by Tracie Schafer:  Next get-together will be at noon on June 23.  The Association will provide hamburger, hotdogs and buns, coffee, lemonade.  Please bring a dish to share.  Motion to accept this report was made by Greg, seconded by Kathy.

Blog Report by Karen Ellis:  Last month she asked for one article per week for the Blog and she received six for the month.  Needs them to keep coming.

Deputy Report by Jeff DeBerry:  Obey burn ban.  He was asked about the speeding on Miner’s way and other streets.   Call in with the time of speeders and a deputy will come and sit and watch.  A dirt bike was found on Mica Way.  There should be no dirt bikes on roads.  The bulletin board is done and needs to be put up.  It was reported someone was dumping slash in the National Forest.  Those responsible were found and they came and picked up.  Motion to accept report was made by Greg, seconded by Kathy.

No old business.

Chip seal on State Hwy 47 will start this summer.

New Business:  Paul Ellis brought up that many homes in the area have soil erosion in their driveways and on their lots.  He left information on ways to combat it and what type of grass seed to plant.  It would take two to three years to get it the way you would want it.

President Colligan adjourned the meeting.  Nineteen members were present.

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