Felix Beall opened meeting at 7:13 pm

Minutes were read by Ken Perdew, motion to accept October minutes made by Gregg Pearson and seconded by Jeff _______; motion carried.

Treasurers Report give by Ken Perdew, $2623.59 in checking; $662.68 in saving; $1971.21 in general account, $652.30 in fish account.  Motion to accept treasurer report made by Jeff _______ and seconded by Brad _______; motion carried.

Fish Report:  Dwayne Thompson reported leak in pond, low water issues, an on going problem. Are in need of snow.  Need to remember safety around the pond due to ice/snow.  Pond is 12′ deep so fish will be okay with leak.  Ken Perdew bought more fish food.

Corral Report:  8 horses, one may be leaving.

Deputy Report:  To everyone’s delight Jeff reported the Camero is gone.  Also scrap metal is gone.  Reminded everyone to be safe especially during Nov and Dec.  Try not to leave windows and shades open to show passers by how much is under the Christmas tree and be sure to keep all doors locked.  Use common sense in leaving boxes by the curb, informing burglars what has been bought and remains inside your home.  Christmas is especially bad for burglars.  When confronting wild animals, use common sense, let them go, do not confront.

Activity Report:  Due to absence of Tracy, Ken Perdew reported about 30 people showed up for the pie/dessert party. Lot of different desserts and everyone enjoy themselves.

Web Site:  Karen Ellis has everything updated, changed, done, also new pictures.

Old Business:  Basement has been completely cleaned out with help of volunteers.

New Business:

A.  Felix brought up the corral motion from last month and felt it should not have been allowed – only the Board and corral persons should make corral decisions, some discussion.  Felix said the Corral and Board did meet and reported (unofficially at this time) some changes and possible proposals:  1)maximum number of horses per owner; 2)interview with new persons wanting to board; 3)everything else same 4)talked about changes in response to problems with owners, horses, etc.

B.  Ken Perdew reminded everyone to set back their clock one hour on Sunday

C.  January Newsletter, Ken would like to see newsletter sent to all 350 homeowners, motion made by Christine Burk and seconded by Brad _____; motion carried.  The cost for membership will continue at $35.00 for the year with $25.00 for annual fishing.  Christine Burk will do the news letter for January 2012.  New board members take office in February.  Nominations were:  Brad Burk, Meg Wood, Dan _________, Felix Beall and Ken Perdew.

D.  Ken suggested concerning information he has obtained that the Association have someone come and talk with us about house fires after the lst of January.  Motion made by Paul Ellis and seconded by Megan________; motion carried.

E.  No one seemed to have had any trick-or-treaters.

F.  Karen Ellis brought up the issue of bulletin boards near the mail boxes and using them to advertise art/craft sales and businesses.

G.  Jeff ______ will look into bingo and try to get someone to come and give details at the December 7th meeting.  Lottery Funds could possible be used for HOA necessities under certain provisions.

Meeting adjourned at8:16 pm.  Motion made by Dan_________ and seconded by Karen Ellis; motion carried.

Respectfully reported by Karen Taylor in absence of Betty Perdew

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