The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Bryan Murphy. He informed us that 5A had passed and that he would keep on top of the Emergency Preparedness Committee meetings.

Copies of the minutes from the October 7th meeting were on the tables to read. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Walt Wark and seconded by Paul Ellis. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Karen Ellis. Motion to accept the report was made by Paul and seconded by Brad Burk. The motion carried.

October 7, 2015

Fish Fund                           $  2,209.90

General Fund                          8,136.15

Checking Account           $10,346.05


Membership Dues            $     420.00

Fishing Permits                $      275.00

Fish Food Machine          $        14.25

Corral                                  $     250.00


Donations                          $      165.00

Total Income:                   $   1,124.25


Colorado Natural Gas      $       45.85   September – October gas bill

IREA                                   $        23.70   September – October electric bill


Scottsdale Insurance       $      544.55   3 months premium, until agent figures out coverage

Jeff DeBerry                      $        50.33   Metal sheets to complete 3rd horse shelter roof

Dale Wark                         $         27.01   Lunch for volunteers on October 10th

Paul Ellis                           $      642.80*

*(Deck boards & screws=$153.62, support boards & joist hangers for 3rd horse shelter roof=$54.07, 5 rolls of stamps for 2016 newsletters & welcome letters=$245.00, Home Depot trip charge to measure flooring for estimate=$65.00, 2016 fishing badges & membership cards=$125.11)

Total Expenses:                $   1,334.24

November 4, 2015

2015 = 89 members, 76 with fishing permits

2016 = 14 members, 13 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                          $   2,499.15

General Fund                         7,636.91

Checking Account            $10,136.06

Activities Report was given by Dale Wark. The Pot Luck Luncheon in October was discussed. We had very disappointing attendance. It was suggested to have two social events a year instead of four. Maybe early and late summer when weather is better, or come up with a community involvement project same day as pot luck luncheon. A wine and cheese tasting was suggested as a way to showcase improvements to the building. New dates will be chosen to include in 2016 Newsletter. Ken Perdew moved that we cancel the New Year’s Eve party this year, seconded by Brad, and carried. Motion to accept the activities report was made by Karen and seconded by Jeff DeBerry. The motion carried.

Blog Report was given by Karen. She reported 623 hits which is the second highest amount since she took over the blog in October, 2011.  There were 12 new articles, and 31 pictures. Karen continues to get calls from realtors, she refers them to the blog. Motion to accept the report was made by Paul and seconded by Scott DeMuro. The motion carried.

Building Report – To finish the fascia two 16 ft. ladders will be needed. Jeff and Bryan both have ladders and the project will be completed this weekend. It is extremely important next year to budget for rain gutters. Seventeen boards have been replaced on the deck and support beams underneath were strengthened. The total deck will need to be replaced in the near future. Scott offered to donate a metal file cabinet to replace some of the cardboard boxes in the basement now being used to store association documents. Paul will make arrangements with Scott to pick it up.  The tile is complete and using a local contractor saved $1500.00. The carpet will be installed on Monday by Home Depot. The bulletin boards have been updated. Karen will continue to look into replacement tables.  Motion to accept the report was made by Paul and seconded by Jeff. The motion carried.

Bulletin Board Report – There is nothing new to report. Motion to accept was made by Walt and seconded by Jeff. The motion carried.

Corral Report was given by Bryan. The electrical work has been completed and all of the hazards are gone. The dead tree has been cut down and removed. The manure piles have been moved and spread. Next year three more horse shelters will get new roofs. The hay storage building is also in need of major repair. The water tank solar heater will be put in place on Saturday. All three areas of the property, (association building, pond and corral), need to be equally funded. Motion to accept report was made by Jeff and seconded by Brad. Motion carried.

Pond Report – The pond has had a little bit of ice forming. The dock and ramp will be taken out soon. The creek is still running. The pond is about 9 feet deep in sections. Allen Cook may volunteer to be pond manager. Karen called hatchery and ordered fish delivery for first week of June. There will be 140 lbs. of 9-14 inch Rainbows, 25 Goldens, minnows and fish food. Motion to accept report was made by Brad and seconded by Teresa Murphy. The motion carried.

Old Business – Articles for the 2016 Newsletter are due December 1st.

New Business – We have insurance but will be looking for a new agent.

Current Board Nominations for 2016 was made by Ken and seconded by Scott.  Bryan Murphy, Felix Beall, Karen Ellis, Paul Ellis and Dale Wark accepted.  Jeff DeBerry declined.  Deadline for nominations is December 2nd.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 8:20 p.m. by Teresa and seconded by Scott. The motion carried.