ECHPOA MEETING MINUTES:  November 6, 2013.

Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:12 PM.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes was suspended.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ken Perdew showing a checkbook balance of $7,144.86.  Fish fund balance of $1,385.71, leaving $6,423.00 balance in the General Fund.  After a motion by Brad and second by Jeff to accept the report the motion carried.

Pond report was given by Charles.  Some ice forming and fishing success has slowed some.

Motion was given to accept the report by Jeff with a second by George.  Motion passed.

Corral report was given by Brad and Jeff.  Good report that new grass is growing   Making a compost area and compost is available.  Possible theft of hay has been noticed.  Please call Jeff if you see any unusual activity at the corral.  Ted made a motion with a second by George to accept this report.  Motion passed.

Activities report by Ken received from Tracie.  8 attended the Pie Day.  0 children at the Trunk-or-Treat.  Three cars decorated Tracie submitted a schedule for 2014 to be put in the Newsletter.  Report was accepted after a motion by Jeff and a seconded by Ted.

Blog report:  Karen has submitted an article for the Newsletter.

Deputy report:  Jeff encouraged all of us to be on the watch for unusual activities in the area as the holiday’s approach.  Do not leave signs of no one at home with holiday lights on and discarding gift boxes by the trash. The Park County item on the ballot to increase taxes to pay for Security Officers in the schools failed to pass.  Felix moved with a second by Charles to accept the report.  Motion carried.

Old business:  Reopened nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors.  Ted Stein declined a nomination.  Felix Beall accepted a nomination.  Those now nomination and have agreed to serve:  Charles Banks, Felix Beall, Brad Burk, Jeff DeBerry and Paul Ellis.  Voting will be by ballot in the 2014 Newsletter.

New business:  Ken asked that if the cost of copying the 2014 Newsletter in color was not too much higher than in black and white that it be in color.  Brad moved and Jeff seconded that the 2014 Newsletter be in color.  Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.  Next meeting will be held at 7 PM, December 4, 2013.

Submitted by Ken Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer.

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