Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Tracie Schafer at 7:08 p.m.

Minutes of last meeting were read by Tracie for Ken.  Motion to approve the minutes was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Greg Pearson and carried.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ken showing $4137.46 as checkbook total; savings of 63.18; Fish Fund 1033.44, leaving 3767.20 in General Fund.  There are 67 members, 50 with fishing permits.  Motion to approve was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Cristina Burk, and motion carried.

Pond Report by Duane Thompson:  There has been ice on the pond in the mornings.  Some water is running into the pond from Churchfork Creek.  The pond is down on water about 18″.  There will be a fish meeting immediately after this meeting.

Corral Report by Brad Burk:  The corral is filled to capacity.  Horses are all compatible.  Three new ones are from outside the community.  New owners are very nice.  As far as needs for the corral, they could use a handle on the door of the corral office building, as the wind blows it open.  Brad will take care of getting the handle.

Deputy Report by Jeff DeBerry:  All seems to be fine in this area.  There was a break-in on Clark Rd. some time ago and tools were taken.  Keep aware of things going on in your area.  There was a discussion if something could be done about the house on Clark Rd that has garage doors falling off, etc.  Jeff said he thought it was in foreclosure and he’s not sure who we could contact about it.

Activity Report by Tracie Schafer:  The next big gathering will be on New Year’s Eve about 7:00 p.m.  Bring games and snacks.  Tracie also mentioned that after the Pie Day there was discussion with next year tieing it in with a “Trunk or Treat Party” for kids in the neighborhood under 12.  This will be discussed next year.

Blog Report by Karen Ellis:  She has received more pictures that are now on the blog.  Remember to send items and pictures to her.

Old Business:  Paul Ellis said he has been working on designs for the shelter.  He took pictures of the one on Crystal Rock and hopes to have designs and blueprints for next meeting.  Ken mentioned that Mike Felix has just purchased barrels that would work for the dock.

Question was raised about the unfinished barn roof of the corral.  The roof is waterproof; the aesthetics are not so good.

New Business:  Duane mentioned that there is a company that works with HOA’s that can get water augmentation for ponds.  He will check into this further.

Ken mentioned that $ 66.00 was paid by the Association for chipping, and he wondered if he should have paid some of that since he had added more slash to the pile.  It was agreed to leave it as is as clearing along the creek was for better water flow.

Tracie brought up questions on the Fish Fund being a separate fund and the corral is not.  There was much discussion on this matter as to why it has always been separate and why it should not be.  Finally, Felix Beall moved that we table this until next meeting to discuss the proposal to place the Fish Funds into the General Fund.  Motion was seconded and carried. There will be a vote at that meeting.  Advance notice of vote will be sent to members by email and letter.

Nominations for next year’s Board of Directors will be accepted at the December meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Ken Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer

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