The meeting was called to order by President Charles Banks at 7:10 p.m.  Minutes of last meeting were read by Ken Perdew.

There was a correction to last months Blog Report that there had been 333 hits, not 33.  Correction was made and motion to accept the report was made by Mike Felix, seconded by Christina Burk and carried.

Treasurer’s Report was made by Ken Perdew showing:

Checkbook Balance –                              $ 8,951.90

Fish Fund Balance –                                $ 1,633.63

Leaving the General Fund Balance –   $ 7,318.27

Income for September:

Membership dues –                                $      70.00

Fishing Permits –                                    $      50.00

Fish Food Machine –                              $          .00

Corral –                                                     $    455.00

Donations –                                              $   100.00

Total Income for September –             $    675.00

Expenses for September:

Colorado Natural Gas –                         $       41.84

IREA –                                                      $       25.47

Misc. –

Staples – Ink                                            $       73.97

Moore – Corral                                       $     334.13 ($l7.24 over recommended report)

Jeff – Corral                                            $       83.11

Ken – HOA Reg.                                     $      10.00

Scottsdale Ins.                                        $ 1,158.75

Total Expenses –                                    $ 1,727.27

Motion to accept the Corral Overage was made by Ken Perdew, seconded by Paul Ellis and carried.

Motion to accept this report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Ruth Skulborstad and carried.

Motion was made, seconded and carried to add the $17.24 overage to the corral improvement expenses.

Following these reports, Charles introduced a speaker from  “Citizens Determined to Save McArthur Gulch”.

This group is in opposition to the State Land Board’s proposed lease of McArthur Gulch to Human Movement Management for their various activities, many of which are not beneficial to the Bailey Community.  All entities are opposed to this lease – police, fire, school, sheriff Dept., county commissioners.  If leased they intend to use school parking lots for excess parking, will draw huge crowds for concerts, various races.  Property to include cabins, race trails, etc.  They say some is for non-profit, but HMM is a for-profit group.  She asked for letters to be sent to commissioners, etc. to show opposition to the HMM lease proposal.  There is a 10 yr. agriculture lease on this property at present.

Activities Report:  October 25th at noon is the “Hot, Sweet, Spooky” soup, stew, etc. POTLUCK.  ECHPOA will furnish hot drinks, plates, silverware.  You may also bring side dishes and desserts.  Motion to accept report was made by mike Felix, seconded by Ruth Skulborstad and carried.

Blog Report:  Karen Ellis posted 5 articles, 38 pictures and there were 388 hits to the blog.  Motion to accept Blog report was made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Mike Felix and carried.

Building Report:  Felix Beall reported that A to Z Roofing says that the Insurance confirmed that they would pay for the roof, including the deduction.  This has not been confirmed by the agent. Motion to accept this report was made by Mike Felix, seconded by Jeff DeBerry and carried.

Corral Report:  Jeff DeBerry said that he spent $80.00 for wire and the fence is done.  The roof repair to the shed is next.  Bryan Murphy will fix the roof.  Motion to accept this report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Mike Felix and carried.

Deputy Report by Jeff DeBerry:  No report.  He is on vacation.  Motion to accept report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.

Bulletin Board Report:   Thanks to Joyce Deming for the new flowers in the bucket by the sign.

Pond  Report:  Charles Banks reported that the pond is full.  The rocks that hold the pins for the dock are coming loose. People are catching some fish.  Motion to accept pond report was made by Ruth Skulborstad, seconded by Bryan Murphy and carried.

New Business:   Charles Banks asked everyone to notice the new atomic clock.  Mike Felix brought candles for anyone to take for use when the power goes out.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Felix, seconded by Jeff DeBerry and carried.  Time 8:45 p.m.

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