Meeting was called to order by Vice President Tracie Schaefer.

Secretary’s report was read by Tracie.  Motion and 2nd to accept given by Kathy & Dave.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ken Perdew.  Checkbook Balance of $5176.76, Savings Balance of $663.18, Fish Fund Balance of $1033.44.  General Fund available of $4806.50; Checkbook plus Saving minus Fish Fund.  First report had some electrical expenses taken from the Fish Fund.  It was agreed to put that back into the Fish Fund and that all Fishing Memberships be left in that fund to purchase fish and fish food.  Above figures reflect that decision.  Motion and 2nd by Dave & Kathy was given to approve the report and the motion carried.

Pond report by Duane.  Water level is down but cooling and fish are biting better than when water was too warm.  There will be a meeting of fishing members November 7th following our regular meeting.  Fishing rules, etc., will be discussed.  Doggy bags are being well used.  Thanks to Paul Ellis for making the holders for the bags.  There was considerable discussion about the water level of the pond and what could be done to improve and maintain.

Activity report by Tracie.  Pie day will be Sunday, October 28th at 2 PM.  ECHPOA will furnish coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  Please bring your favorite dessert to share.

No Corral report.

No Deputy report.

Blog report by Karen.  Next week will be the 1 year anniversary of the Blog being online.  There have been 61 articles, 36 new pages, 145 shared pictures, 2,924 hits.  Average of 243 per month.  Visit the Blog at ECHPOA.  More articles and pictures are welcome.

Old Business:  Property improvement; Paul will start getting barrels for a dock and store them in the basement of the building.  Paul gave some detailed figures for a picnic shelter.  Discussion followed on choice of design and Park County requirements.  Suggestions were made if we need to raise additional funds to cover the cost of the dock and shelter.  Ask for donations, raise membership fees, use some of savings, use some of the fish fund, etc.  No definite decisions were made.  These items will be discussed again at the November 7th meeting.

New Business:  The building has been rented for November 18th by Greg and Kathy.  Ken asked for volunteers to clean the building before that day.  Greg and Kathy said they will take care of cleaning.  Tracie said she will help.

Our next meeting will be at 7 PM, November 7, 2012.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM after a motion and 2nd by Kathy and Dave.

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