Meeting was called to order by President Felix Beall at 7:05 P.M.

Minutes of September meeting were read by Ken Perdew.  Tracie Schafer made motion we accept the minutes as read.  Kathy Pearson seconded and motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read by Ken showing $2,559.23 in checkbook balance.  Fish Fund $775.80, General 1,783.43.  Savings $662.47. There are now 84 members, 57 with fishing permits.  Gregg Pearson moved that we accept treasurer’s report as read.  Karen Taylor seconded.  Motion passed.

Fish Report:  in absence of Duane Thompson, Ken stated that they are concerned with the low level of the pond.  The fish are feeding good and fish are still being caught.

Corral Report:  Jeff DeBerry has stepped down as Corral Manager.  Meg Wood has agreed to be Manager temporarily.  She suggested that all corral renters meet with the Board of Directors for a meeting regarding some changes recommended in the Corral Rules, Regulations and Guide Lines.  This was followed by much discussion resulting in the fact that there would be such a meeting and that others could attend the meeting if they so desire.

Dusty Taylor brought up the fact that there was still an open motion regarding space for hay from the last meeting that needed a second.  After more discussion, Dusty made a motion that every corral renter will get an equal share of existing space for hay.  Brad Burk seconded and motion carried.

Deputy Report:  None

Activity Report:  Tracie reminded everyone of the Pie Party on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 2:00.  Ken has sent postcards regarding same to those who don’t have emails, and sent emails to others.

Website Report:  Karen Ellis reported that what the Association really has is a blog on Pine Cam.  She wanted ideas as to what to put on the blog and suggestions were given – special events, notice of meetings, pictures.  Anyone with information that would be appropriate, send it to her.

Note was made of the corral looking better – fencing, etc.  Thanks to Brad and others.

Ken mentioned there was trash, etc., in the basement and asked the men to go down and see what could be done about it.

Motion to adjourn was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by several.  Dismissed at approximately 7:47 p.m.

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