The meeting was called to order by President Bryan Murphy at 7:04 p.m.

The minutes of the August 4th meeting were read by Bryan. Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Karen Ellis and seconded by Sharon Alfers.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report  – The report was read by Karen. Motion to accept report was made by Paul Ellis and seconded by Dale Wark.  The motion carried.

August 5, 2015

Fish Fund                                        $  2,448.94

General Fund                                       7,776.41

Checking Account                        $10,225.35


Membership Dues                         $     175.00

Fishing Permits                             $     125.00

Fish Food Machine                       $      40.00

Corral                                              $     250.00


Total Income:                               $    590.00


Colorado Natural Gas                  $        41.95                   July – August gas bill

IREA                                                $       24.87                   July – August electric bill


Centennial Bank                            $        31.13                   Check reorder

Felix Beall                                       $       29.36                   Materials to fix and paint front steps

Paul Ellis                                         $     634.70* 

*(Signs for pond=$373.54, Paint for wooden pond signs=$7.82, Labeler tape for pond contact info=$13.96, Fish food=$49.72, Wood and nails for fascia=$176.84, Mouse traps=$12.82)

Total Expenses:                            $     762.01

September 2, 2015                                                         88 members, 75 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                                       $  2,168.90

General Fund                                    7,884.44

Checking Account                      $10,053.34

Activities Report – The report was given by Dale. The Hot, Sweet and Spooky Pot Luck Luncheon is coming up on October 24th. Dale is asking for volunteers to clean and set up at the association building on October 23rd at 10:00 a.m.  An inventory of supplies needed will be taken at the October meeting. Motion to accept report was made by Karen and seconded by Walt Wark. The motion carried.

Blog Report – The report was given by Karen. We had 474 hits, 7 articles, 31 pictures, and 2 new pages.  Be sure to check out the Burn Permit Required article posted as fire season is here.  Karen gets about 5 calls a month from realtors, title companies, prospective buyers, etc. asking many questions. She also refers them to the blog. It was mentioned that she could refer them to the county too. A question about lost fishing badges came up and recommendations will be accepted at the next meeting for a policy. The new policy will be posted on the blog and included in welcome letters for 2016. Motion to accept the report was made by Paul and seconded by Betty Perdew. The motion carried.

Building Report – The report was given by Bryan. Felix has completed the replacement of the front steps. They look great. We have not heard back from Felix about the GFCI outlets and lighting at the corral. Bryan is going to get 3 bids from electrical contractors. Karen has contacted 5 contractors to do some handy man jobs. No one is available to give bids until October. Bryan and Walt will work on cleaning up basement, the time to be set up. The mice problem has been reduced. Motion to accept the report was given by Karen and seconded by Ken Perdew. The motion carried.

Bulletin Board Report – The report was given by Karen. Everything is fine. The brochure boxes did not need to be refilled this month. There were some questions about Harris Park putting petitions on our boards. Ken felt that we are putting meeting notices up a little early. Motion to accept the report was made by Dale and seconded by Sharon. The motion carried.

Corral Report – The report was given by Bryan. There are two new horses, brought in by current corral boarders that will be quarantined until cleared by the vet. The Corral Boarding Agreement will be updated and approved by the ECHPOA Board of Directors. The new Agreement will be sent to all current corral boarders and posted on the blog. The position of Corral Representative will be included. This position will be to represent the Association and mediate concerns between the boarders and the ECHPOA Board of Directors. Two of the three leaking shed roofs have been repaired. The sheds cannot be improved by individual boarders without the permission of the Association. Motion to accept the report was made by Paul and seconded by Karen. The motion carried.

Pond Report – The report was given by Bryan. The fish food dispenser is still getting used. Fishing regulations signs have been replaced.  The creek has slowed down and the pond level is dropping. The pond may need to be dredged in the near future. Motion to accept the report was made by Walt and seconded by Ken. The motion carried.

Old Business – The insurance policy does state that the Board of Directors are insured in case of a law suit.

New Business – Ken suggested that the large sandwich board signs be put out the week of the meeting at two different locations. Bryan will handle that. Other subjects discussed were drug turn in program, October meeting speaker, community meeting, and cell tower.

Paul made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Karen seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 p.m.