The meeting was called to order by President Charles Banks at 7:08 P.M.  The August Secretary’s Report was read by Ken Perdew.  There was a correction to the Blog Report as 5 pictures and 27 articles were posted, not 527 pictures as reported.  Ivan Erwin stated that the cell tower people are looking in the vicinity but tower may not be up this year.  Motion to accept Secretary’s report with corrections was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Dale Wark and carried.

Treasurer’s report was read by Ken Perdew showing:

Checkbook Balance  –                        $10,007.33

Fish Fund Balance –                              $1,583.63

Leaving the General Fund Balance – $8,423.70

Income for August 2014:

Fishing Permits –                      $25.00

Fish Food Machine –               $30.00

Corral –                                     $455.00

Donations –                             $250.00

Total Income for August –   $760.00

Expenses for August 2014:

CO. Nat’l Gas –                          $41.84

IREA –                                        $24.52

Total Expenses for August –  $66.36

ACTIVITIES REPORT:  October 25th – 12:00 NOON.  “Hot, Sweet, Spooky” Potluck.  Please bring Soup, Stew, Side Dishes, Dessert.  ECHPOA  will provide hot drinks, plates, silverware, etc. and treats for kids. Bring family and friends!

BLOG REPORT:  Karen Ellis posted 7 articles , 6 pictures this month.  There were 333 hits.  Motion to accept report was made by Stan Williamson, seconded by Dale Wark.

BUILDING REPORT:  Felix Beall stated that A to Z Roofing was the only one of the three companies who followed up on the bid.  Insurance company has been contacted and may send the full amount needed, and probably wouldn’t need an adjuster.  Waiting to hear back.  Motion to accept report was made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.


CORRAL REPORT:  Jeff DeBerry reported that some of the fence is being fixed.  They would like to repair the fence along the front.  Will need posts and concrete and wire.  Posts are about $9.00 ea.  They are working on the shed.  They have siding and roofing material.  Need labor and “know how”.  After discussion on how much the materials for the fence would cost, Paul Ellis moved that we approve fixing the fence if costs are within $400.00.  Motion was seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.  Karen then moved we accept the Corral Report.  Paul Ellis seconded the motion and it carried.

DEPUTY REPORT:  Jeff DeBerry stated that there will be the big “I Love You Guy’s”  Motorcycle Ride on Sept. 28th from Columbine High School to Platte Canyon High School.  He urged all to go to watch it along Hwy 285.  Motion to accept Deputy Report was made by Stan Williamson and seconded by Rick  Schmidt.


POND REPORT:  by Charles Banks who stated that the dock is in the water.  Gangway to it has yet to be built.  There will be 2′ of gangway on shore, 8 ft. in water  Pond is in good shape.  There are lots of fish.  Charles made the motion that if there is a need for the roof of building that we make some of fish fund available.  (This was tabled until there is a need.)  Motion to accept this report was made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Mr. Brown and  carried.

OLD BUSINESS:  Question was raised about the status of the picnic shelter.  The shelter project is on hold at this time.

NEW BUSINESS:  Paul Ellis Gave a report on “noxious weeds”, showing a sample of a musk thistle, a Canada thistle and a mullien;  the three most common around here.  With the mullien you are supposed to cut off the seeds and bag them, as they can lie dormant for 80 years.  The musk thistle, cut off and bag the heads.  The Canadian thistle, pull up so you get the large roots.  He urged everyone to do this on their property.

Motion was made by Rick Smidt with a second by Jeff DeBerry to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.

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