Expanded corral gate installed by Jeff DeBerry, Patrick McCrary, Paul Ellis, Walt Wark, and Kristin Barber.  Submitted by Karen Ellis and Dale Wark, June 2, 2018.






Shelter roof replaced by Jeff DeBerry, Paul Ellis, Tim Bradley, and Ron Swift, submitted by Karen Ellis, August 26, 2017.








New 275 gallon water tank delivered by Paul Ellis, assisted by Walt and Dale Wark.  Submitted by Karen Ellis, July 7, 2017.




Ball valves have been added to pump to allow easier distribution of water, and cap has been added to the water truck delivery pipe for protection by Paul Ellis.  Submitted by Karen Ellis, April 5, 2017.



A new water storage project was designed and built by Paul Ellis, Jeff DeBerry, Walt Wark, and Mike Felix.  Water can now be pumped into large storage tanks from a delivery truck and later pumped back out through garden hoses and into the horse corral troughs as needed.  Submitted by Karen Ellis, January 21, 2017.

Outside – water delivery truck intake                Inside – 2 x 550 gallon water storage tanks

water-tank-storage-01212017b     water-tank-storage-01212017a

All electric outlets in the horse corral were brought up to code.  One water tank insulated box was built and set up in the horse corral.  Submitted by Karen Ellis, November 14, 2015.

Electrical Upgrades 11072015

Water Tank Boxes 11-072015c     Water Tank Boxes 11072015d

Water Tank Boxes 11072015a     Water Tank Boxes 11072015b

Dead tree cut down by Jessica Smith and Jeff DeBerry, and Stan Willman helped them cut it into pieces, submitted by Karen Ellis, October 10, 2015

dead tree 10-11-2015a     dead tree 10-11-2015b

dead tree 10-11-2015c     dead tree 10-11-2015d

dead tree 10-11-2015e     dead tree 10-11-2015f

Shelter roof replaced by Brad Burk, Paul Ellis, Jeff DeBerry, Dale Skulborstad, and Walt Wark, submitted by Karen Ellis, October 10, 2015

shelter roof 10-11-2015b     shelter roof 10-11-2015d

shelter roof 10-11-2015c     shelter roof 10-11-2015f

shelter roof 10-11-2015a     shelter roof 10-11-2015e

shelter roof 10-11-2015g

Shelter roofs replaced by Joe Samu, Jeff DeBerry, Walt Wark, Mary Robertson, Rick Smidt, Brad Burk, and Bryan Murphy, submitted by Bryan, August 8, 2015

Shelter Roof 08082015a     Shelter Roof 08082015b

Shelter Roof 08082015c     Shelter Roof 08082015d

Shelter Roof 08082015e     Shelter Roof 08082015f

Shelter Roof 08082015g     Shelter Roof 08092015

Submitted by Dale Wark, August 8, 2015, Shelter roofs replaced, continued

Shelter Roofs 08-08-2015a     Shelter Roofs 08-08-2015b

Shelter Roofs 08-08-2015c     Shelter Roofs 08-08-2015d

Submitted by Karen Ellis, March 21, 2015, Alan Bowman grading arena for sand delivery

Corral Arena Grading 03212015a     Corral Arena Grading 03212015b

Corral Arena Grading 03212015c     Corral Arena Grading 03212015d

Corral Arena Grading 03212015e     Corral Arena Grading 03212015f

Submitted by Karen Ellis, September 14, 2014, new fence

Horse Corral 9-14-2014a     Horse Corral 9-14-2014b

Horse Corral 9-14-2014c    Horse Corral 9-14-2014d

Horse Corral 9-14-2014e   Horse Corral 9-14-2014f   Horse Corral 9-14-2014g

Horse Corral 9-14-2014h   Horse Corral 9-14-2014i   Horse Corral 9-14-2014j

Horse Corral 9-14-2014m   Horse Corral 9-14-2014k   Horse Corral 9-14-2014l

Submitted by Karen Ellis, August 24, 2013

Horses 8-24-2013a     Horses 8-24-2013b

Horses 8-24-2013c     Horses 8-24-2013d

Horses 8-24-2013e     Horses 8-24-2013f

Submitted by Cristina Burk, October 6, 2011


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