What a difference!

What a difference 2 weeks makes!  Pond water level is up by 47 inches!

April 7, 2019                                        April 21, 2019


To see more pictures, go to the Fishing Pond page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

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Saturday, May 4th, FAB Event

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day May 4th
Platte Canyon Fire and Fire Adapted Bailey (FAB) is presenting a community educational event,
“Be Aware – Prepare
Have a Firewise Home.”
This event will be held at the Platte Canyon Fire Station #2, at the top of Crow Hill, on May 4th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. 
Come learn about: 
Ember Storms; Preparing Your Home; Explosiveness of Juniper Trees & Shrubs; Ready, Set, Go; Planning for your Kids, Elderly, Physically Challenged, Neighbors; Small and Large Animal Evacuations; Insurance; FAB and Evacuation Routes.
**FAB is comprised of Platte Canyon Fire, Centennial State Insurance Agency and the five Firewise Communities of: KZ Ranch, Elk Creek Highlands and Meadow, Deer Creek Valley Ranchos, Woodside and Burland Ranchettes. 
This article was submitted by:
Bonnie  Smith
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May 1, 2019 Association Meeting

The Elk Creek Highlands/Meadows Property Owners Association will meet at 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 1, 2019, in the basement of the Association Building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey.  We will be presenting updates on Save Our Pond efforts, and finalizing plans for our spring Firewise Community Work Day scheduled for May 18th.  For more information, contact Karen Ellis at 303-514-8620, or CUNColorado@aol.com.

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Harris Park Clean Up Project

This announcement was sent to us by:
Brian Banks
District Ranger
Forest Service
PSICC, South Platte Ranger District
p: 303-275-5612
f: 303-275-5642
30403 Kings Valley Drive, Suite 2-115
Conifer, CO 80433

**This is scheduled for the same day as our next Firewise Community Work Day.  Hope you can spend some time at both events!**

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Firewise Community Work Day – May 18th

Mark you calendars, the next Firewise Community Work Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th.  We will meet at 9 a.m. in the parking lot of the ECHPOA building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey, CO 80421.  Volunteers are needed and very much appreciated!  Please remember to bring gloves and tools such as saws, branch clippers, rakes, shovels, or weed wackers.  If you need help mitigating your property please contact Paul Ellis at:

PaulRobertEllis@aol.com or 720-903-0502.

To learn more on what it takes to achieve Recognized Firewise Community Status, click on the Firewise menu option above.  Please come help us renew our status for the 3rd year in a row!

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At least one is awake and out of the den!

It snowed again last night!  At first, we thought, uhmmm strange that somebody came up onto the deck last night……………..

……..went around the car




checked out our recycle can………..

but wait, and ate the bird seed on the railing?

….A closer look and you can see paws and claws!  About 5 inches in diameter!

It was a big black bear!  We heard no noise, our motion sensor light came on about 3:45 am, and this morning it smells like a skunk outside.  Had it not been for the fresh layer of snow to see tracks, we might never had known about this visit!

So be bear aware, there is at least one bear awake and out of his or her den!  It is pretty early in the season, must of been those couple of warm days we had last week.

For more information about bears, go to the Animal Facts page, under the Photo Gallery menu option above and scroll down to the paragraph on Bears.

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Water Flowing Again, thanks to our members!

As of Sunday, April 7th, there was no water flowing into our pond and the water level has been dropping since last spring.  After some investigative hiking, a single ice blockage was found along Church Fork Creek.  Many thanks to Clif Barrett, Ed Montgomery and Paul Ellis for spending a beautiful afternoon chipping away about 3 feet of ice using a chainsaw, steel bar, and auger.  With added help from mother nature and warm temperatures, it finally melted enough to start flowing Monday morning!  I can already see a difference in the water level!


To see more pictures, go to the Fishing Pond page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.


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